Drill Kit 7-15 mm

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Combines the three most used drills for straight drilling protocols – Guide Drill, Twist Drill with Tip 2 × 7–15 mm and Twist Step Drill 2.4/2.8 7–15 mm

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Drill ProtocolParallel
PurposeFreehand Surgery
Works withBrånemark System MkIII Groovy, Brånemark System MkIII Shorty, Brånemark System MkIII TiUnite, Brånemark System MkIV TiUnite, NobelActive, NobelActive TiUltra, NobelParallel CC, NobelParallel CC TiUltra, NobelSpeedy Groovy, NobelSpeedy Shorty, Replace Select TC
KitFilled kits