creos™ screw fixation, Membrane fixation kit

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The creos screw fixation stabilization kit is used to stabilize, fixate, and/or support bone grafts, bone filling materials, and/or barrier membranes used for regeneration of bone in the oral cavity.

There are three available versions of the stabilization kit available: the membrane fixation kit, the tenting kit, and the bone fixation kit.

The stabilization kit contains screws of various sizes, the instrumentation that is used to place the screws, and the sterilization container. The instruments are designed to work universally with all membrane fixation, tenting and bone fixation screws. The stabilization kit can store up to 100 screws.

Included instrumentation in the stabilization kit:
1 x cruciform driver blade, 76mm
1 x cruciform driver blade, 56mm
1 x stainless steel driver handle
1 x autoclavable storage tray

Included screws in the different stabilization kits:

- Membrane fixation kit
20 x self-drilling membrane fixation screws (3 mm)

- Tenting kit
12 x self-drilling tenting screws (4 x 3mm, 4 x 4 mm, 4 x 5 mm)

- Bone fixation kit
12 x self-tapping bone fixation screws (2 x 8mm, 4 x 10 mm, 4 x 12 mm, 2 x 14 mm)

Note: delivered non-sterile, product excluded from returns/exchanges.

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