Take 1™ Advanced™ Medium Fast Set

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Vinylpolysiloxane Impression Material

Take 1™ Advanced™ VPS impression material combines Kerr’s expertise in developing high-performance impression materials with recent technological advancements. Take 1® Advanced™ is first system of VPS materials with an optimum combination of physical properties: strength, elasticity, dimensional stability and the ability to register detail in any environment.

Take 1™ Advanced™ provides the widest selection of setting times, delivery systems and consistencies for the perfect combination of mechanical properties in a material that feels like it was designed for your own technique preference, making it unnecessary to use various product lines to suit individual needs.

Contents: 2 x 50 ml Cartridge, 6 Large Mixing Tips. Regular Body Wash and Light Body Wash contain 6 Small Mixing Tips and 6 Small Intra-Oral Tips. Bite Registration contains 6 Large Mixing Tips and 6 Bite Registration Intra-Oral Tips.

Note: Product excluded from returns/exchanges