Guide Drill

Article no.: 35426

  • Product description

    Optimized site preparation – facilitates creation of an initial crestal starting point

    Inventory saving – can be used for all Nobel Biocare drilling protocols

    Can be ordered separately or as part of the Drill Kit 7-15 mm

    Note: Delivered sterile

  • Technical specification

    Diameter 1.8 mm
    Purpose Freehand Surgery
    Works with Brånemark System MkIII Groovy, Brånemark System MkIII Shorty, Brånemark System MkIII TiUnite, Brånemark System MkIV TiUnite, NobelActive, NobelParallel CC, NobelReplace Straight, NobelSpeedy Groovy, NobelSpeedy Replace, NobelSpeedy Shorty, Replace Select Straight, Replace Select TC
    Usage Single-use

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