Tilted Implants - Immediate Esthetics and Functions in compromised patients

Milan, Milan, Italy : Oct 13, 2017
  • Course overview

    This course is comprised of live surgery, live prosthetic demonstrations, live laboratory demonstrations and interactive lectures. The following topics will be covered: introduction to the tilted implants approach, focusing on the All-on-4® treatment concept, its standard technique, V-ll-V technique and zygoma implants. These procedures allow us to treat every patient avoiding bone grafts and to perform immediate loading, including with extreme atrophy and compromised patients. The course will cover prosthetically driven treatment planning and implant positioning, presurgical evaluations for highly esthetic provisional restorations within one hour of completing the surgery, final rehabilitation options which are easy to maintain step-by-step laboratory procedures as well as possible prosthetic complications and their solutions. Live procedures will cover All-on-4® treatment concept surgery and prosthetic installation for clinical practitioners, and all laboratory steps for the delivery of the provisional restoration for dental technicians. 

    This course is aimed at clinicians and dental technicians who are competent in the delivery of full-arch implant rehabilitations and want to extend their expertise to the tilted implants treatment concept and highly esthetic immediate provisional restorations.

    This two-day course will enable participants to...
    - Familiarize themselves with the tilted implants treatment concept as a cost-efficient and predictable option for edentulous patients;
    - Recognize the importance of prosthetically driven implant planning in order to achieve immediate provisional results that are highly esthetic
    - Familiarize themselves with all technical steps required in order to deliver a highly esthetic provisional restoration;
    - Familiarize themselves with final restorative options which are easy to maintain for the patient and clinician.
  • Speaker information

    • Dr. Enrico L. Agliardi is Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthognatodontics at Università degli Studi in Milan. Since December 2009 Dr. Agliardi has been Chief of that Special Rehabilitation Surgery department at San Raffaele Dental Clinic, directed by Prof ...
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