gIDE Institute-Sinus elevation & grafting

Los Angeles, California, United States : Jul 19, 2017
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    Learn the latest techniques for successful sinus elevation and bone grafting, implant placement and complications/periimplantitis in this all encompassing 1-day clinical course developed by Dr. Jovanovic. This is a 1/2 day lecture and 1/2 day hands-on workshop on fresh upper porcine models. This course is part of the 4-day Advanced Implant Therapy training and may be taken separately. Participants receive 1 clinical video, Sinus Elevation & Grafting by Drs. Istvan Urban and Sascha A. Jovanovic.

    Participants will practice on fresh goat maxilla models, with the latest implant designs, microsurgical sinus hand instruments, osteotome instruments, bovine filler materials and resorbable membranes and rhBMP-2/INFUSE bone graft.

    • Lateral window approach using bone-cutting instruments
    • Internal sinus elevation using Osteotome techniques
    • Bone graft layering technique with barrier membrane
    • Bone graft and filler protocol
    • Implant placement technique
    • Extraction and sinus treatment
    • Flap management and suturing methods
  • Speaker information

    • Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic, was formally trained in periodontics at the UCLA School of Dentistry; in implant dentistry at Loma Linda University; and in prosthodontics at University of Aachen, Germany. He holds a Master of Sciences degree in Oral Biology from UCLA; and is director and founder of the we ...
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