Abutment Retrieval Kit

Article no.: 37508

  • Product description

    Efficient abutment removal – in case a Nobel Biocare conical connection abutment cannot be removed from implant due to tight seal of the internal conical connection

    All-in-one – complete set of tools to retrieve any Nobel Biocare abutment with internal conical connection

    Articles can also be purchased individually

  • Technical specification

    Connection Type Internal Conical Connection
    Works with Esthetic Abutment, GoldAdapt, Narrow Profile Abutment, NobelActive, NobelActive TiUltra, NobelParallel CC, NobelParallel CC TiUltra, NobelProcera ASC Abutments, NobelProcera Ti restorations, NobelProcera Zr restorations, NobelReplace CC, NobelReplace CC PMC, Procera Esthetic Abutment, Snappy Abutment, Temporary Abutment
    Kit Filled kits
  • Instructions for Use


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