Current science on osseointegration

Sydney, Australia : 20.11.2017
  • Описание курса

    There are six factors that are critical for osseointegration from biocompatibility of material, design of the implant, surface, state of host bone, surgical technique and loading conditions. First part of the lecture will address how modern implant surfaces influence osseointegration and discussion on ideal implant roughness value. Part two of the lecture will address reasons for failure of oral implants.  Multiple factors influence success or failure of oral implants, but the frequency of a disease known as peri-implantitis has received a great deal of discussion in clinical literature and most reports have not withstood the scrutiny of time.  Not all bone loss that happens in the first year after implant placement is due to peri-implantitis. There are other reasons for bone remodeling and bone loss, and do not necessarily threaten the integrity of the implant. This presentation will discuss various treatment complications that impact bone, current research findings, and importance of quality implant systems to long term success.    

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    • Dr Albrektsson started working with osseointegrated implants together with professor P-I Brånemark in 1967. He has since published numerous papers on osseointegration. Currently, Dr Albrektsson is working as professor emeritus of the dept of Biomaterials in Gothenburg and as visiting professor at t ...