Practice development and improving treatment plan acceptance

Medicine Hat, Canada : 06.04.2017
  • Описание курса

    Patients have access to information via the internet and are demanding that their dental providers have the knowledge to provide high-end, high-technology services and fixed, life-like esthetic dental restorations. At the very least, dentists are expected to be able to effectively communicate those options, allowing patients to make an informed decision.

    The financial landscape of the North American dental market has changed, and patients are more resistant to accepting treatment plans. Historic methods of telling patients what they need is no longer effective. The team system’s protocol provided at this lecture will open your eyes to ways that the dental team can more precisely communicate with patients so they will become inspired to want the best solution for them. The acceptance of treatment is the first of many hurdles. With case acceptance, the next challenge is ensuring and safeguarding that the work will be paid for by the patient, minimizing the risks that practices face daily with accounts receivable.

    Most dental teams have received little business training in dental school. So why the surprise when business savvy is just not there in the practice? This interactive and entertaining course – using real client and dental case studies and proven science on human buying behavior – will immediately illuminate and change the way you present cases to your patients while experiencing a high level of paid acceptance for your cases. What you learn will immediately and positively impact your financial and professional bottom line. Join Dr. Wilson Kwong to see how you can impact your dental business.

    This course is intended for the entire dental treatment team.

    After this half-day course, the participant will…
    – Have a better understanding of what has happened to trust in the profession.
    – Recognize the importance of connecting with our patients.
    – Identify neurolinguistics and how to change your attitude for better case acceptance.
    – Apply personality profiling for precision communication with patients.
    – Understand case presentation strategies.
    – Understand case acceptance and closing the financial loop.
    – Have adequate knowledge of how to measure the important metrics for your dental business.
    – Implement new trends in practice management.
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    • A graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Kwong’s passion for dentistry and patient care began in a small, rural community in BC. Today, Dr. Kwong is based in Vancouver where he founded his successful Oakridge practice, as well as Inspire Dental Group — a gro ...