Zygoma concept:Physiologic treatment with live surgery & hands-on

Oakland, United States : 31.07.2017
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    The Brånemark System®  Zygoma implant allows for a graftless treatment option for patients who present with residual alveolar bone in Zone I only. Placement of zygoma implants bilaterally combined with two to four conventional anterior dental implants allow for the fabrication of fixed implant supported prosthesis for these patients. This presentation will discuss the critical factors necessary to provide a fixed implant supported restoration. These factors are used during the initial consultation appointment as screening mechanism to determine the possibility of a fixed implant restoration. Live Surgical demonstration of the ”Zygoma concept,”  followed by an in-depth discussion of surgical and prosthetic parameters necessary to achieve the desired outcome will also be presented. 

    This course is intended for clinicians with extensive experience in placing dental implants.

    After this one-day course, the participant will…
    –    Be familiar wIth pre-treatment evaluation techniques and determination of the final type of fixed prosthesis.
    –    Understand prosthetic and surgical protocol in treatment of the edentulous maxilla.
    –    Recognize surgical protocols for the Brånemark System® Zygoma implants.
    –    View surgical opportunity of the Zygoma concept and immediate loading.
    –    Be able to plan a conversion of the patient’s denture to a fixed provisional, immediate-load protocol.
    –    Confidently apply postoperative management tools of immediate-load patients.
    –    Critically apply final prosthetic designs and protocols.
    –    Precisely plan long-term follow-up.
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    • Dr. Edmond Bedrossian received his dental degree from the University of the Pacific and completed his oral and maxillofacial surgery training at Alameda Medical Center. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons and is in private practice in San Francisco, California ...
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