- The Ultimate Implant Year Course

Dublin,Glasgow, London Centre, United Kingdom : 01.09.2018
  • Описание курса

    A structured, blended learning programme enabling the course delegate to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to place and restore dental implants in a safe and predetermined manner. 

    Aims: To provide a learning medium that will offer the course delegate the necessary education and training introduce dental implant treatment to their dental practice.

    Objectives: To produce practitioners competent in case assessment, placement and restoration of dental implants in a safe and predetermined manner in the General Dental Practice environment.


    MODULE 1

    The history of dental implantology
    The difference between implant and “conventional” dentistry
    Case assessment
    Treatment Planning
    Relevant anatomy/Pathology
    Radiography in implant dentistry
    Basic surgical & restorative instrumentation requirements
    Surgery set-up /cross infection control

    MODULE 2
    Flap design
    Wound closure – suturing/materials/ techniques
    Patent expectations
    Implant & Abutment design
    Impression techniques
    Occlusion relevant to the implant restoration
    Review of recent relevant literature

    MODULE 3
    Review of work to date
    Aesthetics vs function in the implant restoration
    Aesthetic indicators
    Maximizing the aesthetic outcome
    Computer assisted planning and placement of dental implants
    Review of recent relevant literature
    Module 3 assessment

    MODULE 4
    Advanced surgical technique overview
    Particulate grafting/membranes
    Sinus augmentation
    Block grafting
    Osteogenic distraction
    Review of recent relevant literature


    Online lectures:
    The course is split into 4 E-learning modules that you can watch and listen when it suits you! (Reduces time away from Practice).
    Online assessment: each online module is accompanied by a short test. All modules must be successfully completed in chronological order prior to progression to the next module and advancement on the course.
    Online technique videos: (I hear and I forget, I see and I remember) – follow this with hands on supervised surgery on provided patients to produce the ultimate learning experience! – (I do and I understand). Return to these time and time again to see what is involved in a particular procedure.
    Supervised surgery/restorative: (I do and I understand) - Whatever your level of confidence, competence and expertise you will be closely supervised and guided at every stage during surgery and restoration.
    Clinical Training: Eight days at the clinical training centre of your choice* (with patients provided).
    Final examination: OSCE online written examination.

    *Providing places available
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    • Dr Nicholson graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 1982 winning the Ash prize in restorative dentistry. After several years in general practice he joined the Royal Army Dental Corps where he remained until 1988 when he returned to N. Ireland to establish a successful general practice. After ...
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