All-on-4® Treatment Concept - Cadaver Program

East Melbourne, Australia : 7 de Set de 2017
  • Descrição geral do curso

    A comprehensive program on complete oral rehabilitation through a highly functional, aesthetic solution supported on 4 or more implants in anatomically strategic positions and angles, an evidence-based protocol that dramatically improves patient quality of life.  This program is recommended for all members of the treatment team: surgeon, restorative and laboratory to understand the surgical and prosthetic criteria for successful treatment plan.

    Learning outcomes
    • Diagnosis and treatment planning of the edentulous patient
    • What is the All-on-4® Treatment Concept?
    • Patient selection, indications and contraindications
    • Surgical & prosthetic criteria for immediate rehabilitation
    • Fabrication and issue of immediate provisional bridge
    • Options for definitive prosthesis with NobelProcera
    • Maintenance protocols
    • Implant placement in models & multi-unit abutment insertion
    • Temporary prosthesis
    • Cadaver workshop

    Note: To be eligible for this Program you need to meet certain criteria.
    Once you click 'register' above you will be contacted by our Training and Education Dept with further application details.

    The complete starter package price is $13,990*

    This includes:
    • All-on-4 treatment concept course tuition
    • Patient treatment pack for three arches:
    12 Implants, 12 Multi-unit Abutments ( six straight and six 30 °),
    12 Multi-unit Abutment Impression Copings, 12 Temporary Cylinders,
    12 Healing caps, 12 Multi-unit Abutment Replicas.
    • All-on-4 guide
    • All-on-4 show model
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    • Graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Lisbon, in 2004, did a Specialization Degree in Periodontics from 2008 to 2011 at the same Faculty where she also lectured at the Periodontology Department from 2004 to 2008, and is currently an Invited Assistant. Also with a Post-Graduat ...
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    • Armando Lopes graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Lisbon, in 2003 joining the MALO CLINIC team in 2004. Currently Director of the MALO CLINIC Lisbon, he was also the Oral Surgery Department Director between 2007 and mid 2015, and Director of the Imaging Department between 2 ...
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