Practical Approaches for Soft and Hard Tissue Augmentation at Implant Sites

Chaudfontaine, Belgium : 20/ott/2017
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    Course Overview
    Tooth extraction often leads to problematic losses of bone volume, especially in the esthetic area and in the posterior maxilla, where the sinuses can significantly expand. The course will detail the most up-to-date methods for bone and for soft tissue augmentation, and detail the biological rationales that support the chosen techniques. A special focus will be made on the biomaterials available on the market, their qualities, defaults and indications. The treated topics will include sinus lifts, crestal guided bone regeneration, 3D bone grafts, and extraction socket management in the esthetic area (with immediate or delayed implant placement).

    A large number of 3D videos will illustrate the course, as well hands-on on pig jaws.

    After this course, you will...
    → know how to manage extraction sockets.
    → be updated on techniques for bone and soft tissue augmentation and their rational of use.
    → know how to increase success rates with sinus lifting.
    → have exercised crestal bone and soft tissue augmentation.
    → have experienced bone graft cases in 3D!
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