NobelProcera Wax-up Sleeve Engaging Astra Lilac MZ

Article no.: 36147

  • Product description

    Outsource labor-intensive production – use NobelProcera Wax-up Sleeves to create wax-up designs and incorporate them into the CAD/CAM workflow

    Available as engaging and non-engaging for Nobel Biocare implants with internal conical connection, and as engaging for other major implant systems. For Nobel Biocare implants with internal tri-channel and external hex connection, the Temporary Abutment Engaging and Non-Engaging in titanium and plastic can be used as Wax-up Sleeves

    Note: Lab screw not included, delivered non-sterile

  • Technical specification

    Engagement Engaging
    Purpose CAD/CAM prosthetic
    Works with AstraTech Implants
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