Gold Cap Ball Abutment Insert

Article no.: 33855

  • Product description

    Desired overdenture retention – inserted into Gold Cap Ball Abutment for adjustable retention force of the overdenture attachment

    Biocompatible and strong – made of gold alloy

    Note: Included with Gold Cap Ball Abutment, delivered non-sterile

  • Technical specification

    Connection Type Internal Tri-channel, External hex
    Implant Platform Narrow Platform (NP), Regular Platform (RP)
    Material Alloy
    Abutment Angulation Straight
    Works with Brånemark System MkIII Groovy, Brånemark System MkIII Shorty, Brånemark System MkIII TiUnite, Brånemark System MkIV TiUnite, NobelReplace Platform Shift, NobelReplace Straight, NobelReplace Tapered, NobelSpeedy Groovy, NobelSpeedy Replace, NobelSpeedy Shorty, Replace Select Straight, Replace Select Tapered, Replace Select Tapered PMC, Replace Select TC
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