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Course duration

Start date: Mar 2, 2020

End date: Dec 31, 2020

course overview

A blended learning, part-time year-long implant course. Utilising cutting edge technology an software to deliver the knowledge component with the skills element delivered through a network of Clinical Training Centres in the UK and Ireland.

Aims: To provide a learning medium that will offer the course delegates the necessary education and training to introduce dental implant treatment to their dental practice.
Objectives: To produce practitioners competent in case assessment, placement and restoration of dental implants in a safe and predetermined manner in the General Dental Practice environment.

Online lectures:
 The course is split into 5 E-learning modules that you can watch and listen when it suits you! (Reduces time away from Practice).
Online assessment: each online module is accompanied by a short test. All modules must be successfully completed in chronological order prior to progression to the next module and advancement on the course.
Online technique videos: (I hear and I forget, I see and I remember) – follow this with hands on supervised surgery on provided patients to produce the ultimate learning experience! – (I do and I understand). Return to these time and time again to see what is involved in a particular procedure.
Supervised surgery/restorative: (I do and I understand) - Whatever your level of confidence, competence and expertise you will be closely supervised and guided at every stage during surgery and restoration.
Clinical Training: Eight days hands-on clinical training at the centre of your choice* (with patients provided). Final examination: OSCE and online written examination. (*providing places are available)
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course details

  • Course level: Fundamental courses
  • Language: English
  • Course duration (days): 305
  • CE credits: 80
  • Course fee:
  • Max. participants: 50

Course duration

Start date: Mar 2, 2020

End date: Dec 31, 2020

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