Implant Philosophy- DTX workflow

Marbella, Spain : Nov 8, 2017
  • Course overview

    New technologies allow dentists to work faster, more accurately and predictably

    In this course we will eminently practice how to approach the implant patient using an intelligent digital workflow

    You will use tools that will allow you to enter a new dentistry and be able to apply the concepts learned immediately in you own clinic

    Novembrer 8th. Diagnostic
    • How to perform a VIP first visit
    • Photo and video tools and tricks
    • NobelClinician, NobelCommunicator
    • Learn to create a powerful presentation
    • Dicom and STL

    November 9th. Surgery
    • Bases for effective plannig
    • Convencional vs guided surgery
    November 10th. Prosthesis
    • Digital vs convencional workflow
    • Optimizing time and results with the use of technology
  • Speaker information

    • El Dr. Eduardo Crooke es Licenciado en Odontología por la U.E.M. (Universidad Europea de Madrid). Diploma en Implant Dentistry por la Universidad de Göteborg (2001-2002). Práctica privada dedicada a Implantología y Rehabilitación Oral en Málaga y Marbella. Tutor, instructor de cirugía y prótesis so ...
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    • El Dr. Ricardo Recena es Técnico Superior en Prótesis Dental – Centro Educacional Objetivo – Sao Paulo – Brasil (1993-1995). Licenciado en Odontologia – UMESP – Sao Paulo – Brasil (1997-2002). Máster en Rehabilitación Oral e Implantes – APCD – Sao Paulo – Brasil (2002-2004). Licenciado en Odontolog ...
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