creos™ xenofirm, resorbable, firm collagen membrane, 15 x 20 mm (2/pkg)

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creos™ xenoprotect extend is a resorbable firm and long lasting collagen membrane intended for use in dental surgery procedures as a material for placement in the area of dental implant, bone defect or ridge reconstruction to aid in wound healing post dental surgery.

- Engineered from highly purified type I collagen fibers derived from bovine achilles tendon

- Long-lasting collagen membrane; resorption profile of 26-38 weeks

- Easily drapes over the ridge, but not so flimsy that it collapses into defects

- High tensile strength for stabilization, if necessary

- Multi-layer construction; cell occlusive design

- Available in three sizes: 15 x 20 mm; 25 x 30 mm; 30 x 40 mm

Note: delivered sterile, product excluded from returns/exchanges

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Size15x20 mm
Membrane TypeCross-linked