NobelReplace Try-in Abutment Kit

Referencia.: 32414

  • Descripción del producto

    Selection of final abutment – helps determine the appropriate size and shape of the final abutment

    Restorative flexibility – available for a selection of final abutments (Esthetic Abutment, Snappy Abutment and GoldAdapt) for NP, RP, WP and 6.0 platforms

    Reusable – plastic Try-in Abutments can be cleaned and sterilized according to sterilization guidelines

  • Especificaciones técnicas

    Tipo de conexión "Tri-channel" interna
    Finalidad Prótesis prefabricada
    Compatible con NobelReplace Platform Shift, NobelReplace Straight, NobelReplace Tapered, NobelSpeedy Replace, Replace Select Straight, Replace Select Tapered, Replace Select Tapered PMC, Replace Select TC
    Kit Kits completos

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