Guided bone regeneration (GBR) techniques and protocols

Winnersh Triangle, United Kingdom : 29/09/2017
  • Descripción del curso

    The aim of this course is to enable you to treat more patients better by implementing guided bone regeneration in your practice. by using a membrane and bone substitute from the Nobel Biocare creos brand. You will learn the techniques for evaluating the situation as well as the steps that help to ensure an esthetic outcome. The course will include a hands-on session where the participants will simultaneously place an implant in a pig jaw and reconstruct the bone. 

    Learning objectives:

    •Revise biological and anatomical considerations in relation to bone formation and growth.
    •Consider indications, contraindications and treatment options for different patient groups.
    •Review guidelines for proper patient selection, diagnostics, indications/contraindications, and treatment planning, always with the final prosthetic result in mind.
    •Revise the principles of bone and tissue regeneration.
    •Consider the material characteristics and biological properties of bone substitutes.
    •Consider the material characteristics and biological properties of membranes.
    •Examine the principles and practice of vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation as well as sinus augmentation.
    •Investigate optimal procedures for re-establishment of the vestibule after vertical and horizontal augmentation.
    •Revise the techniques for papilla reconstruction in various clinical situations.
    •Explore simultaneous implant placement and guided bone regeneration.
    •Propose an appropriate approach for diagnosis and treatment of the difficulties and complications.
    •Review supporting scientific literature and clinical evidence.
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