Nobel Biocare Cheltenham Study Club

Cheltenham, United Kingdom : 15.11.2016
  • Kursüberblick

    This lecture will look at how we should monitor and maintain implants.
    It will examine how the implant design and placement and prosthesis design and placement can effect​ the outcome and ease of future maintenance of dental implants.
    It will also look at patient factors and how to assess the patient's dexterity and motivation to maintain their implants. 
    How often should implants be monitored? What factors should be examined? How often do radiographs need to be taken? Should we probe dental implants? What should they be probed with and cleaned with? are all common questions that this talk will attempt to answer.
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    • Jonathan, the founder of The Dental Implant Clinic, graduated from Bristol University in 1986. He has over eighteen years of experience in the field of Dental Implantology. His training has been in the UK, Switzerland and Germany. His particular interests are implants in the cosmetic zone – making ...
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