CII 6-Day Basic to Intermediate Implant Surgery Course



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Durée (en jours)

Date de début : 11 nov. 2019

Date de fin : 16 nov. 2019


Basic To Advanced Implant Surgery Course Curriculum

- Each doctor will place surgically 8-15 implants
- Each doctor will assist his or her partner with his or her 8-15 implants (Doctors divided into groups of 2)
- Doctors will work on flap techniques (one-wall, 2-wall, and 3-wall flaps are performed multiple times every day)
- For implant placement program, implants are placed in edentulous and in immediate extraction socket. So doctors experience both techniques
- Alveoloplasty also is an implant placement program procedure. At least one patient for every doctor will be in need of alveoloplasty (with or without full-arch extractions)
- Doctors will also work on their suturing techniques
- Some of the highlights of the program for both implant placement and bone grafting is the 3-4 hours of treatment planning each morning 
- Lecture material and surgical DVDs are provided for implant placement program participants before the program to enhance the learning experience
- Learn Guided implant surgical placement using X-NAV technology.


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Détails du cours

  • Niveau: Niveau avancé
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Durée (en jours) : 6
  • CE credits: 48
  • Tarif :
  • Participants maximum : 20


Louie Al-Faraje

Dr. Louie Al-Faraje literally defined and authored the art of Oral Implantology. As a leading authority, he created many classifications and techniques, the standards by which oral implantology surgical procedures can be successfully performed. His name has become synonymous with results-oriented oral implantology treatments around the world. A highly experienced clinician, educator and innovator, Dr. Louie Al-Faraje is continually advancing the protocols for oral implantology surgical treatments. His California Implant Institute in San Diego, California utilizes today’s most innovative and effective clinical solutions to create and maintain optimal oral health using dental implants and bone grafting procedures.
Additionally, he is a board-certified, practicing oral implantologist in San Diego California, as well as an author and educator, who presented hundreds of lectures and trained hundreds of dentists throughout the world.
Dr. Louie Al-Faraje received his medical education at Kiev Medical School/ faculty of Stomatology and followed by postdoctoral training at Loma Linda University in California.
He is the author of a bestseller textbook “Surgical Complications in Oral Implantology” published by Quintessence 2011
and available in 7 languages, “Oral Implantology Surgical Procedures Checklist” Quintessence 2012, “Surgical and
Radiologic Anatomy for Oral Implantology” Quintessence 2013 and is on the editorial board of the journal of Oral Implantology (JOI).

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Durée (en jours)

Date de début : 11 nov. 2019

Date de fin : 16 nov. 2019

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