Comprehensive Treatment & Planning of the Edentulous Patient

Ottawa, Canada : 25.11.2016
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    In this course, participants will be exposed to all aspects of dental implant overdentures and fully-edentulous implant options.  Topics to be covered will include implant numbers and positioning, fixed vs removable overdenture options, bar design, variations and attachment types.  There will also be an in depth look at the role that 3D treatment planning has in the surgical and restorative treatment planning for all overdenture cases. A hands on component will be included to understand proper impression and record taking techniques, as well as housing pickup intra-orally.  Furthermore, complication management and maintenance of these types of patients will be discussed in detail.


    • Understand the anatomic issues that must be addressed in treatment planning of mandibular implant overdenture therapy,

    • Understanding space requirements for Implant overdentures

    • Understand the impact of implant placement on the selection, duration of healing, restoration and durability of implant overdenture attachment systems,

    • Understand the clinical steps involved in retrofitting existing complete dentures to anterior mandibular implants.

    • Understand the differences in use of implant overdenture in the maxilla.

    • Understand the application of implant attachments for retention of removable partial dentures.
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    • Dr. Birdi received his dental degree from the University of Saskatchewan and his post-graduate specialty training in both periodontics and prosthodontics from the University of Minnesota. He is a Fellow and Examiner for the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and a Diplomate of both the American Bo ...
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