Gold Abutment Bar Implant Level NobelReplace RP

Article no.: 29062

  • Product description

    Efficient overdenture solution – facilitates the soldering of a connecting bar for bar-retained overdentures

    Restorative flexibility – for implant level restorations with minimized height supporting low-profile overdentures

    Note: Abutment screw included, delivered non-sterile

  • Technical specification

    Connection Type Internal Tri-channel
    Implant Platform Regular Platform (RP)
    Material Alloy
    Abutment Height 5.5 mm
    Engagement Non-Engaging
    Works with NobelReplace Platform Shift, NobelReplace Straight, NobelReplace Tapered, NobelSpeedy Replace, Replace Select Straight, Replace Select Tapered, Replace Select Tapered PMC, Replace Select TC

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