Brånemark System® Zygoma implants for the extremely resorbed maxilla



Institute Davo , Alicante
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Course duration

Start date: Nov 22, 2019

End date: Nov 23, 2019

course overview

This course is comprised of hands-on sessions with cadavers, live surgeries and interactive lectures. Lectures will cover theory of different techniques and protocols included in the Zygoma concept, diagnosis, radiologic clinical concepts and treatment planning with NobelClinician, surgical aspects and discussion of prosthetic rehabilitation, including immediate and definitive prosthesis and CAD/CAM solutions with NobelProcera. Hands-on cryopreserved cadaver heads will help participants understand practical aspects of the Brånemark System Zygoma concept. This course is aimed at clinicians who are proficient at rehabilitating the edentulous maxilla with dental implants and want to extend their expertise to Zygoma implants.

This two-day course will enable participants to:
– Have a thorough knowledge of the unique advantages the Brånemark System Zygoma treatment concept offers to patients.
– Have a thorough knowledge of diagnosis and treatment planning with NobelClinician, and of surgical phase and prosthetic phases, including NobelProcera.
– Precisely plan surgical execution of this treatment protocol.

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  • Course level: Expert courses
  • Language: English
  • Course duration (days): 2
  • Course fee:
  • Max. participants: 24


Ruben Manuel Davo Rodriguez

Dr. Davó received MD, MSc, PhD and MFS degrees during his formal training and education. He is currently the Director of Instituto Davó at the International Hospital Medimar in Alicante where he serves as Chief of the Oral, Maxillofacial and Implant Surgery Department. He has focused his patient care on dentofacial deformities, guided surgery, rehabilitation of patients with atrophied bones and quality of life issues. He is a member of the faculty at the Barcelona University Hospital. He lectures worldwide and provides international educational courses and programs at Instituto Davó. His PhD dissertation focused on “Immediate function in atrophic maxilla using zygomatic implants.” El Dr. Davó obtuvo los títulos de MD, MSc, PhD y MFS durante su etapa formativa y educativa. Actualmente es el Director del Instituto Davó en el Hospital Internacional Medimar en Alicante, donde tiene el cargo de Jefe del Departamento de Cirugía Oral, Maxilofacial e Implantología. Ha centrado su atención en el paciente en deformidades dentofaciales, cirugía guiada, rehabilitación de pacientes con huesos atrofiados y problemas de calidad de vida. Es miembro de la facultad del Hospital Universitario de Barcelona. Da conferencias en todo el mundo y ofrece cursos y programas educativos internacionales en el Instituto Davó. Su disertación de doctorado se centró en "Función inmediata en el maxilar atrófico utilizando implantes cigomáticos".

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Course duration

Start date: Nov 22, 2019

End date: Nov 23, 2019

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