Restoring dental implants in general practice

London, United Kingdom : 3 nov. 2017
  • Présentation de la formation

    ​This course will be presented on 3 individual training days over 2 months. The course aims to provide a detailed introduction to a range of skills and techniques which will enable you to promote the use of implants in your practice and confidently restore them. 
    This blended learning programme will include live demonstrations, hands on practical learning, lectures and discussions groups. Delegate case studies and a treatment planning clinic will be included each day.
     Lectures and discussion topics will include:
    Treatment planning
    Dental implant systems
    Indications and contraindications for particular treatments
    Imaging techniques
    Surgical factors that impact on the restorations of implants
    Restorative factors
    Impression Stages
    Laboratory steps
    Laboratory components for impression taking
    Impression taking for single teeth and multiple units
    Conventional and CAD CAM manufacture
    Fit Stages
    Fitting implant restorations
    Common prosthodontic problems
    Developing your implant practice
    Avoiding and managing implant and restorative failure
    Maintaining your implant patients
    Developing your implant practice
    Learn to confidently convert patients for implant treatments
    Increase your patient base by targeted marketing
    Utilise and empower all of your team
    Live demonstration and hands on will include:
    Implant surgery
    Post-surgical impression taking and techniques
    Fitting implant restorations
    Delegate case studies presentation and treatment planning clinics

  • Informations sur le conférencier

    • Dr. Andrew Dawood devotes his time to dental implant surgery at The Dawood and Tanner Specialist Dental Practice, having worked with implants for more than 25 years. He is involved in research and development for specialist implant manufacture and in 3D imaging and 3D printing. Andrew has honorary ...
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    • Devoting herself entirely to implant prosthodontic practice, Susan has performed a vast number of full arch implant reconstructions over a more than 20 year period, for both referring colleagues and patients of The Dawood and Tanner Specialist Dental Practice. As a Specialist in Prosthodontics, Sus ...
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