Nobel Biocare North West study club

Cheshire,, United Kingdom : 23/11/2017
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    An evening of best practice sharing with an update on the latest products available from Nobel Biocare. Networking opportunities through the evening with Local Clinicians sharing Case reviews.

    We've got a great programme for this event: -
    Do we really need a longer probe .... Or a probe at all for that matter ? delivered by Kevin Lochhead

    Over the last five to ten years there has been considerable discussion about bone loss around dental implants, peri-implantitis & peri-mucositis. Groups such as the ADI have had consensus conferences and produced statements and guidelines on management and maintenance of implants.  Despite this there still remains significant confusion on the subject. There is a section of the dental implant community who don't agree with most of the proposed guidelines to date and who have a very real concern that if following current monitoring "guidelines" many patients  will be receiving treatment that they don't need.
    In the most recent edition of Periodotology 2000 a paper was presented that made a convincing argument against the use of bleeding on probing and pocket depths as effective monitoring indices.
    This presentation will be looking at the current "zero tolerance" for plaque, BOP, pocket depth over 4mm and pus exudate - asking where is the evidence? Does it really hold up? How should we be assessing our implants ? And,  if bone loss has been seen to occur, how should we manage it?

    Aims and Objectives:
    • To understand the reasons for bone loss round implants 
    • To understand why the current "guidelines" exist and the "evidence" to back them up
    • To understand why the "evidence" may not be being interpreted appropriately 
    • Delegates should have a greater understanding of the reasons for bone loss round implants and why the vast majority is not due to peri-implantitis.
    • Delegates will understand why there is confusion and why current guidelines may be misleading
    • Delegates will be made aware of a proposed simple monitoring system for all implants 
    • Ideas on management of bone loss round implants will be presented

    ****Please note: The study club fee includes a buffet****
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    • Kevin qualified from Kings College London in 1987. In 1993 after significant private training in advanced restorative dentistry, both in the UK and North America, he established a city centre private practice, concentrating on aesthetics and advanced restorative care. In 2001 he was recognised by t ...
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