On1 Universal Abutment Engaging RP 1.25 mm

Article no.: 38710

  • Product description

    Versatile and fast – use press-on, wax-up or digital workflow to easily create restorations

    Restorative flexibility – with two abutment heights

    For single-unit (engaging) and multiple-unit (non-engaging) restorations

    Note: Delivered non-sterile, corresponding On1 Prosthetic Screw included, Burn-out Coping included for the On1 Universal Abutment

  • Technical specification

    Connection Type On1 hex
    Implant Platform Regular Platform (RP)
    Material Titanium
    Restoration Screw-retained
    Engagement Engaging
    Works with On1
    Abutment Collar Height 1.25 mm
  • Instructions for Use


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