NobelDesign Training day

Uxbridge, United Kingdom : 05.10.2016
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    Building on the fundamentals established with NobelProcera, this course will explore the full range of solutions available within the NobelDeign software for both implants and natural teeth. Targeted to owners and operators of the NobelProcera System, this course offers practical hands-on exercises and demonstrations for each design solution. 

    Participants will examine the NobelDesign workflow of scanning, designing and industrialised production of precision milled restorations. A detailed overview of product and material information will be provided.

    Key messages:
    - NobelDesign offers a wide range of products and materials (versatility) 
    - Material options include: HTML FCZ Zirconia, Titanium and Zirconia 
    - NobelDesign offers abutments, implant bridges for all Nobel Biocare implants and also for other major implant systems 
    - Industrialised production ensures consistent precision milled restorations 
    - A comprehensive support network is available

    Course Objectives:
    - Explain the NobelDeisgn workflow 
    - Examine the working principles of the scanner 
    - Explore in-depth the multiple functionalities of NobelDesign software 
    - Demonstrate comprehensive design principles for all solutions included in NobelDesign software 
    - Review the range of products and materials available including applicable laboratory procedures
  • Referenteninformationen

    • Aled Llewelyn has over 25 years experience in the dental industry, and first joined Nobel Biocare in 1999. He re-joined Nobel Biocare in April 2016 as NobelProcera Sales Manager. Aled has been heavily involved with dental implants as well as NobelProcera.
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    • Melissa has worked for Nobel Biocare as a NobelProcera specialist for last 3 years.. Melissa was previously a dental technician for 14 years and has a background in dental laboratory management and business development.
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    • This series of NobelDesign training events will be delivered by our team of NobelProcera Specialists lead by Aled Llewelyn NobelProcera Sales Manager.
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